* How I discovered Bitcoin & got excited about it* Why the crypto space can be a great place to start a new career* How you can start for free, without risking your own money * ... and moreWit Becky from The School of Travels podcast
... and how much I lost
The crypto space is still considered the “Wild West” of finance. First it started with Bitcoin and blockchain, and only a few people bothered to wrap…
... and the 2nd country that made bitcoin legal tender!
Last week one of my Patreon members asked whether there is an alternative to the high exchange minimums in the Exodus wallet. Exodus is a great…
Bitcoin was not designed to make “number go up” for some of us. It was designed to make “freedom go up” for all of us.
A hopeful bitcoin price chart | Earn free bitcoin | New tutorial published on Patreon
Plus: What’s the best way to buy Bitcoin? What are some dangers to be aware of? What are the differences between cryptocurrencies? What is one piece of…
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